From Jo Greaves | Family Liaison Pebble Brook School

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From Carol ToughHead of Buckinghamshire Recovery College

“Claira has been such an important part of the Buckinghamshire Recovery College. Her input and enthusiasm knows no bounds and she has inspired and motivated many tutors as well as her students. Her classes are incredibly popular which is a testimony not only to their content but her ability to include everybody, no matter what stage they are at in their own recovery.

She has been an incredible asset in promoting the College and embodying the essence of the Recovery model by sharing her own strength, experience and hope. I love working with Claira and I’m yet to meet anyone who has left her sessions without having gained a huge benefit from it. I hope that we can continue to work together as the college grows in size and number.”

From Helen, Manager at BARNARDOS a service that works with vulnerable young people.

“Having invited Claira to facilitate a ‘Scrapbook Yourself’ session (both one off’s & a six week programme) with the young people we work with, I was really impressed with the way in which Claira conducted the session. She managed to remain informal, though also boundaried & professional with those who participated.

Many of them would be considered vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’, yet she successfully engaged them & encouraged them to discover positive aspects to their lives & within their own characters, where often they struggle to identify these. Overall, she massively enhanced their ability to see the positive rather than the negative. Many who attended asked “when can we do this again?”  &  have been super keen to continue filling their books outside of the formal sessions. One young girl who attended reported that, whenever she felt upset or angry, she would go to her bedroom & work on her scrapbook, which helped her to manage her feelings & feel better. AMAZING!

We have since brought Claira back to work with other young people as the majority has responded so well to this form of self-esteem boosting. We have had both boys & girls attend & will continue to introduce our clients to this fabulous method. It has also served as a really positive relationship building exercise, enhancing the trust between the young people we work with & their Key Workers. I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme to others who work with young people, or for parents with their kids, & also for adults as a bit of fun….we too need a boost sometimes. Thank you Claira!”


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  1. I worked with Claira on my own Creative Scrapbook and was amazed at how helpful, rewarding and satisfying it was. As well helping me to switch off from day to day stresses of life I found my inner child burst into life again which was great fun and energising. Highly recommended.

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