ideas to help antidepressant withdrawal

Ideas to help when you are in antidepressant withdrawal
I had a large calendar to record each day how I was feeling, colours to represent moods: Red for anger or blue when I could not stop crying. I had symbols for when I had brain-zaps that stopped me sleeping. I recorded if mood-swings went on all day, I also recorded when I was feeling OK and had happy reactions; So I could look at those when I was having a bad day. This really helped me as I could see patterns and triggers.
I also wrote down how I was feeling in a special journal, either through ‘brain dumping’ or turning events or feelings into poems. My journal became my withdrawal self-help book, so I could add articles I found in magazines that would help me, positive quotes, photos that would make me smile but also document darker moments of despair.
I added photos of things that I took pictures of so I could practice looking outwards and keep connected to things that I was passionate about like the first signs of spring- snowdrops on a walk.
I really recommend a gratitude diary to be part of your positive daily routine.
I have stacks of them and have been doing this every day for the last 2 years. My gratitude diary has helped me get through some very dark days of early withdrawal. I always write down 3 things each day to be grateful for.
Some days it’ll be that I’m grateful for food, a roof over my head and I got up today. Other days it’ll be more colourful…But it’s all about changing mindset and practising this every day. It encourages a sense of abundance and resetting your brain to embrace what you have even when you feel low.

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